News from our interns:
Coinoffers spots

Cecilie Öberg and Sophie Hotchkiss created these two spots for MacDonalds at their placement at DDB Denmark. They were bought by the client and are running on TV right now. 

The brief was to communicate that you can always get a coinoffer for just one coin. The idea: Coinoffers are so cheap that they are always on sale.

This first one is a sponsor spot before a TV program and the the second one is the actual TVC. You can see the rest of the prints on their website



YCCA Film Shortlist

The nominees for the Young Creative Circle Film Award is out. Huge congrats to Thomas Birk Christoffersen & Rasmus Frimand Jensen from our third year and to Rie Sloth Rasmussen & Line Johnson from our Second and First year. Go teams!

Here’s Thomas and Rasmus’ film and a big thanks to the actors Ole Ernst and Asta Esper Hagen Andersen, who helped out for free.

Rabies – YCCA 2012 from Rasmus F. Jensen on Vimeo.

And here’s Rie and Lines

YCCA – FILM 2012 from rie-work on Vimeo.

Screen shot 2012-03-20 at 5.18.40 PM


For two weeks, our Second year worked with making their very first TV campaign. The groups could choose between two different briefs: Berlitz Language School and Ota’s new Grød2Go. One idea in the campaign had to be shot, edited and polished, the two others had to be scripted. Here’s some of the final ads.

First up, Julius, Toke, Benjamin and Cecilie’s film for Berlitz. Meet Hans Stimmermann…

Berlitz – Hans Stimmermann from Julius Juul on Vimeo.

And here’s Christoffer, Inga and Ines’ film. All handmade and one take.

Berlitz Language School from Ines Norman on Vimeo.

Simon, Peter and Mathias made this fine argument for learning the language.

And here’s Laura, Jeppe Kuld, jeppe Ritz and Carl Gustav’s film for Grød2Go.

GRØD2GO er grød to go from Jeppe Kuld on Vimeo.

Last but not least, more time for those weird morning rituals from Jan Gustav, Sophie and Tobias.

Nescafé tv with extra sugar

Here’s some of the Second Year’s first tries at the old king of advertising – the tv ad. The brief was to do a tv campaign for Nescafé. First up is this fun and solid strategy from Daniel Norit-Bodilsen, Signe Andersen & Rikke Boas.

And here’s Malene Olsen, Thomas Birk and Sidsel Fuglsang’s. It’s part of a bigger integrated campaign thought.

This simple neat idea is from Mathias Andersen, Camille Clemmesen, Nicolai Achton and Kevin Casey and his flawless acting skills.

Last but not least, a big, surreal and quirky idea, that just needs some more nursing for us to see its true potetial. It’s by Laust Højgaard, Julie Kessler and Jonas Quist Nielsen.

Let it snow

I do apologize for all these early christmassy headlines. But here’s another film for the National Postal Service christmas film competition. It’s made by WintherWehlitzWonderland aka Anders Winther & Mathias Wehlitz.


Wowsers, our film Honey Moon is in the final in the international Philips Parallel Lines competition! It will now be judged by THE Sir Ridley Scott, who will pick the overall winner. Pretty big.

Full credits for the film here and you can still vote for the film to win the People’s Choice here

Top 5_small

We’re in the Top 10!

It started as a small summer holiday film project outside school. To create a short film for the Philips Parallel Lines competition based on the 6 mandatory lines from Blade Runner.

And today our film Honey Moon has been nominated one of the Top 10 films by BAFTA and Ridley Scott Associates. Wohooo!

The public decides who get to be in the final Top 5 and get a chance to be selected by Ridley Scott as the overall winner. If you like our film, please go to and vote for our film Honey Moon in the gallery. You can vote every day until the 5th of September. Full credits for the film is here

Go vote and spread the word and good karma. You are all awesome.

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