News from our interns:
Coinoffers spots

Cecilie Öberg and Sophie Hotchkiss created these two spots for MacDonalds at their placement at DDB Denmark. They were bought by the client and are running on TV right now. 

The brief was to communicate that you can always get a coinoffer for just one coin. The idea: Coinoffers are so cheap that they are always on sale.

This first one is a sponsor spot before a TV program and the the second one is the actual TVC. You can see the rest of the prints on their website



YCCA print shortlist

The nominees for the Young Creative Circle Print Award has been announced. Half of the shortlist is from KK. Big congrats to:

Anna Lea Brisell & Rene Schultz
Marlene vagn Andersen & Trine Quistgaard
Camilla Berlick & Neela Menik Wedage
Jacob Unna & Simon Konski
Tobias Løvschall-Wedel together with Jonathan Trier Brikner from the Danish Design School.
Maja Louise Kargaard & Rikke Boas

You can see all the nominees here. The winner will be announced Friday night. Fingers crossed…

YCCA print

Aurora Youngsters shortlist

Results have just come out today and it’s looking good! Kreativ Kommunikation is taking up 7 out of 10 spaces in the Aurora Youngsters shortlist. Well done teams. In no particular order…


Creatives: Anna Lea Brisell & Line Johnsen from our 1st year.


Creative: Nicolai Michelsen from our 1st year.


Creatives: Casper Christensen from our 1st year & Niklas Andersen from Kreativ Basis.


Creatives: Malene Lyngbæk Olsen and Line Lorentzen from our 3rd year.


Creatives: Oliver Lilholt Hurup from our 1st year & Mathias Jensen who graduated in 2010.


Creative: Cecilie Beisner Öberg from our 2nd year.


Creatives: Sidsel Fuglsang & Camille Clemmensen from our 3rd year.

YCCA Winners!

Woohoo well done Rie and Kaspar! Make us proud in Cannes this summer :)

Rie Sloth Rasmussen have won the YCCA Print Competition together with Line Johnson from Kreativ Basis with this clever print.

Rie Rasmussen with Line Johnson KB_small

And Kaspar Monberg from our Third year have won the YCCA Digital competition with Jakob Herre and this interactive banner.

Go here to see the full banner.

Screen shot 2011-03-20 at 8.59.28 PM

Screen shot 2011-03-20 at 9.02.24 PM

YCCA Print shortlist

Here’s the shortlisted print work from Kreativ Kommunikation at this years Young Creative Circle Award. Congrats and best of luck!

In no particular order…Frederik Stensballe Halby and Joachim Ulrich.

YCCA_Frede Joachim_small

Rie Sloth Rasmussen from our first year together with Line Johnson fra Kreativ Basis

Rie Rasmussen with Line Johnson KB_small

And here’s Julius Juul and Mads Haugsted Rasmussen’s

Julius Juul_Mads Haugsted Rasmussen_small

And finally, Mathias Wehlitz and Anders Winther.Mathias og anders

Sexy print

Here are some nice print ideas made by our second year! The brief was to advertise that the controversial Museum Erotica was going to re-open.

First up is a campaign by Malene Lyngbæk Olsen, Mai Mi Dahmlos Eriksen and Julie Kruse Kessler:




Next up is campaign by Mads Nicolai Mardahl Larsen and Rikke Boas Jørgensen:




The last campaign is all about a “Opening party” and was made by Kimberly Lynda Melvin, Maja Louise Kargaard and Laust Højgaard:




Bring on summer

Here’s some of the campaign print work our First Year did at their exams. The brief was for a mosquito repellent. First up “Bring it on” by Rikke Boas.

Bring it on_fiske

And here’s one from Julie Kesslers’ campaign “Your Personal Bodyguard”


Louise Bøgeskov Hou did this visual idea…


Next up is Signe Andersens print campaign

Repel Moustic.indd

Repel Moustic.indd

Repel Moustic.indd

And last, but not least, some beautiful photography from Line LorentzenBlod 1blod2

Blod 3