YCCA shortlists for 2015!

No fewer than six teams from KK have made it onto the YCCA (Young Creative Circle Awards) shortlist for 2015 in advertising, film and digital! The brief this year was for the Danish Deaf Association. Our 3rd-year students, Kristoffer Winther Sørensen & Ole B. Hoffmann are also nominated in the main CCA (Creative Circle Awards) for their self-promotional piece, the “Sorry we didn’t show up clock”. Let’s cross fingers for the big night on 8 May 2015! Here is the nominated work …

“Anderledes” / Jesper Sichlau & Andreas Arnaa / KK1 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist

“Tag et tegn” / Frederik Voetmann & Niklas Frederik Hultquist Andersen / KK2 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist

Kom-og-snak“Tal med os” / Jeppe Vidstrup & Edmond Dukaj / KK1 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist / Copy: “You already speak our language. Do it with us.”

YCCA_2015_KK1_1“UhøfligeHænder” / Kristine Nørgaard & Christina Anaya Mortensen / KK1 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist / Headline: “Is it rude to talk with food in your hands?” / Copy: “It’s not about doing things 100 % correct, when you communicate with a deaf person. Humor also exists in sign language”.

KK / YCCA shortlist 2015 / Peter Conlan Sebastian Hartboel“Det I ikke siger” / Sebastian Hartbøl & Peter Conlan / KK2 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist / Headline: “The only thing we do not understand are the things you do not say” / Copy: “Don’t be afraid to talk to a deaf person. It is easier than you think”.

KK_YCCA_2015_2“Højtaler” / Eva Ebbensgaard & August Laustsen / KK2 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist / Copy: “Don’t be afraid to use your body when communicating with a deaf person. Your movements are sound to them”.

KK_CCA_2015“Sorry we didn’t show up clock” / Kristoffer Winther Sørensen & Ole B. Hoffmann / KK3 / CCA 2015 Shortlist

Fjällräven review at Robert Boisen & Like-minded

We bought print and outdoor back for one intense week in KK3 to see what the guys could do in just 5 days! They did not disappoint. Making some great ideas for the iconic Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven (“Arctic fox”). Heinrich Veijlgaard and René Sohn Kammersgaard from Robert Boisen & Like-minded invited us to the agency and gave some great input on the work. They then chose a shortlist … and … one winner! Well done to all and especially the Swedish schnaps winners for “Best Campaign” – Ole B. Hoffmann & Kristoffer Winther Sørensen. Skål!IMG_5372IMG_5371

Students featured in latest Archive magazine!

Casper Christensen and René Schultz from KK 3rd year just sent out a pretty cool ‘job application’ in the form of a very limited edition of Lüzer’s Archive Magazine. This special copy (made in Jutland, with a print run of just 20) is a cheeky version of the real publication, containing their own campaigns, interviews etc. They sent out copies to around 17 advertising agencies … and each cover (just like the real Archive) was personalized to showcase work from a specific agency. They’ve already received some great press coverage and super-positive feedback, with Creative Director’s saying unheard of things like: “Nice work! Ring me next week”. You can visit the team’s website here. Good luck guys!
Casper_Rene_Archive_Magazine Archive_1Archive_3

YCCA nominations are in … !

Well done to the following KK teams (from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year) for their shortlist nominations at this year’s YCCA (Young Creative Circle Award) and CCA (Creative Circle Award) … super work guys!

* Niklas Hultquist Andersen & Casper Christensen for “Tæt på” (Advertising)

* Malte Sebastian Gaarde
 & Karina Tørnsø Johannesen for “Herpesklubben” (Advertising)
… and “Hemmeligheder” (Film)

* Camilla Berlick 
& Neela Menik Wedage for “Guitar” (Film)

* Mads Haugsted Rasmussen & Tammes Alexander Thomsen Bernstein for “+tilfælles” (Digital)

The following students are nominated in the main competition (CCA):

* Sebastian Artmann from our 3rd-year is nominated with Rasmus Petersen and Lasse Bækbo Hinke from HalbyeKaag JWT for two radio spots Hamley’s “Barbie” (Radio) and Hamley’s “Racerbane” (Radio)

* Philip Bock & Stefan Arnoldus Rasmussen from our 2nd-year are nominated with Benjamin Bang
 and Rasmus Høgdall
 from Digital Agency, Konstellation for #happybeertime in no fewer than four categories: Brand driven apps and utilities, social media campaigns, ambient and the digital ‘Special Circle’ award! Wow! Fingers crossed for the Awards night!

See the YCCA nominations below:



by Camilla Berlick 
& Neela Menik Wedage

by Mads Haugsted Rasmussen & Tammes Alexander Thomsen Bernstein

by Malte Sebastian Gaarde
 & Karina Tørnsø Johannesen

Aurora Youngsters

Congratulations to Ole Hoffmann & Kristoffer Winther from our second year who are nominated in the annual Aurora Youngster competition. This year the brief was to create a campaign idea for the competition itself, not an easy brief! Here’s their nominated idea …

Skærmbillede 2013-09-09 kl. 15.47.00

Say goodbye to loading

Janni Siv Hansen and Rie Rasmussen from our 3rd year created these great print ads that put some famous politicians and the English royal family in a rather awkward spot.

Say goodbye to loading …
3 – Upgrade to Denmark’s best network.




YCCA 2013 nominees

YAY, our students have a lot of nominations in YCCA again this year! Congratulations guys and girls!


YCCA Advertising



by Jeppe Ritz and 
Louis Pilmark from our third year

by Mads Haugsted Rasmussen and Tammes Alexander Thomsen Bernstein from our second year

by Toke Lotz from our 3rd year together with Alexander Brisbane from Adpeople


YCCA Digital

by Mads Haugsted Rasmussen and Tammes Alexander Thomsen Bernstein from our second year

Digital-Team 416-B-Udfordringen_Page_1Digital-Team 416-B-Udfordringen_Page_3by Cathrine Understrup from our first year together with Rasmus Veggerby from Zupa Recommended

Print Ads

I have had some great weeks together with the first year students doing print ads. We worked on different methods for developing concepts for different type of clients. Good stuff! …and fun Stuff!

Skærmbillede 2013-02-05 kl. 14.06.01

Kristoffer W. Sørensen & Jakob S. Holmberg

Skærmbillede 2013-02-05 kl. 13.59.10

Andreas V. Kvist & Cathrine D. Understrup

Skærmbillede 2013-02-05 kl. 14.13.58

Christoffer P. Højgaard & Simon Ø. Konski

Skærmbillede 2013-02-05 kl. 14.07.43

Anne Sofie Kromand & Camilla Agerskov

Skærmbillede 2013-02-05 kl. 14.12.21

Stine Thorbøll & Andreas V. Kvist

Skærmbillede 2013-02-05 kl. 14.01.33

Skærmbillede 2013-02-05 kl. 14.02.16

Emil H. Nielsen, Jacob L. Nørremark & Jakob S. Holmberg