1 % of the inspiration Jonas and Mai Mi got at Åkestam Holst!

Björn Gustafsson Art Director — featured in Contagious Magazine

Pepsi – The Sound Of Football from Ourwork on Vimeo.

Petra Albrektson (Art Director) and Joakim Labraaten (Copywriter)— Must be one of the nicest clients to work with. Last year they won silver and bronze in direct and cyber in Cannes 2011, with human jukebox.

The Heist – Pause from Ourwork on Vimeo

Lars Holthe (Art Director) and Hanna Björk (Copywriter) — this app had 18.000 registered users and are one agency’s favorite to win a Golden egg this year. We cross our fingers.

Swedish Post – Sweden’s Safest Hands from Ourwork on Vimeo
Lars Holthe (Art Director) and Hanna Björk (Copywriter) — Last years christmas idea for Posten and 120.000 christmas cards was send out and its also up for a Golden egg.

Swedish Post – Christmas on Wheels from Ourwork on Vimeo
Thanx to Åkestam Holst for a great time in Stockholm. We really got inspired to do original ideas that are useful.

At Åkestam Holst everything is possible.

Update from Anders & Mads at BBH London

Creatives: Anders Wendel, Mads Nicolai Mardahl
Creative Directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Director: Sean Meehan
Production Company: Nice Shirt
Producer: James Laughton
Account Director: Simon Coles
Edit: Andy McGraw – Stitch
Sound: Anthony Moore, Sam Robson – Factory
Grading: Tareq Kubaisi – Prime Focus
Composition: Noise International
Post: The Mill

Doyle Dane Bernbach Jensen Christoffersen

We were awestruck

Pæren Blinker @ DDB 21/11-2011, 20:21

Hello readers.

As part of the 2×2 months internship we’ve now moved from DDB to Robert/Boisen & Like-Minded.
We were quite pleased with our stay at DDB. Everyone was kind and friendly as you would expect. We did the inevitable AD rookie mistakes; using the wrong filters and tamper pressure for the daily laté, saying “DTP” without knowing the exact meaning and laughing like mental patients at everything remotely funny spoken by senior AD’s.
We also did a lot of advertising. You know, insights, propositions, ideas – the whole shebang. We had a blast!

But one moment stood out like a burning sun from all the rest. A moment radiating such massive emotionally value we were awestruck for several minutes. The impossible angle, the temperature of the beverage, the shape of the metal. Everything was beautifully perfect. In the end we managed to get this grainy photograph, which only seems to give a vague visual of a radical milestone chiseled in both our memories.
We feel blessed to have witnessed this late night epiphany and would like to thank everyone at DDB for giving us the possibilities and responsibility it took.

- Happy New Year!

Thomas og Rasmus