How do you get in to Kreativ Kommunikation?

Dorte Nielsen explains the application process and what to expect as a KK student (in Danish).

Every year, a lot of talented people want to join the Art Direction & Concepting Bachelor’s Degree course at Kreativ Kommunikation. Unfortunately, we only have 24 spots. So, how do you get one of these places? Here, a little advice …

Be yourself.
Don’t try to be ‘someone in advertising’. There are so many kinds of people in agencies (nerds, maniacs, sweethearts etc.) If you’re curious, creative and communicative by nature, it will come through.
Take it seriously
Applying for KK is not a job application, but in many ways should be taken as seriously. This is your first big step on your career ladder towards a bright creative future!
Ask around. Do research.
Speak to current and past KK students. How did they get in? Do they have advice? Look through this blog at student work and portfolios. Come to the annual Åbent Hus (Open House) day at the school to meet students and teachers. Read relevant literature or websites to figure out what advertising is.

A few examples of books you can read about creativity and advertising …

A few examples of books you can read about creativity and advertising …

And, if you’re at the beginning of your creative journey and don’t even know where to start, well …

• Start collecting all your creative projects over time, share your work online, find people to admire.
• Become familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite software package (InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator).
• Get relevant work experience as an assistant or junior creative at an ad agency, web studio etc.
• Get involved in creativity and communication! Surf the web; go to poetry slams; write poems; go to exhibitions; create a blog; keep a sketchbook in your bag; tweet; take a lot of photos, observe people on the train; make a band; go to fashion shows; design your own logo. Invent stuff! Be observant! Have fun! / International Cannes Lions / Danish Creative Circle Awards / D&AD Awards / Lüzer’s Archive Magazine / Coloribus / Joe la Pompe / /

Bad Company

pressebillede_Downsize booomerang

It’s time for another great student start-up. This time it’s Simon Konski from our second year who is out to raise some money for his new game “Det dårlige selskab” or in English: “Bad Company”.

In the game you create crazy situations by combining score cards with the funniest answer cards. It works like this:


Score card:

I have a room in my basement for ____

Answer card:

 training rats to smuggle drugs

Simon has created the game with his friend Jeppeh who studies computer science, and they need YOUR help to make the dream come true. Check out “Det dårlige selskab” on the Danish crowd-founding site Boomerang and make your contribution right now!


Fingersurfing on Kickstarter

Our former student Toke Lotz and his Brother Regner Lotz have created this cool new toy for everyone who gets bored on long car trips. Now you can surf the breeze – with you fingers (and this nifty little board). The project has almost reached the 15.000 $ pledge but they need a few more backers to get all the way!

Check out the project on and make your pledge!


Photo winner

Congrats to Jeppe Kuld for winning the FOF photo competittion with his entry in the “City Life” category. The photo is taken at Copenhagen Airport Metro station and the judges were especially wowed by Jeppe’s use of light.


Gaffa Prize nominee

Congrats to Simon Madsen from our Second year for being nominated to Gaffa Prisen for Best Danish Music Video of the Year. The video is for Sebastian Lind’s tune “Never Let Go” and is Simon’s debut as a music video director. The video is made with no budget and is co-directed by Kristian Haaskjold from Flying Films.

Now, it’s up to the people, who grabs the winning prize. If you want to help Simon making it to the stage,  go vote for his video here

And here’s the video.

Innovation week

The last two weeks the entire school have been working in groups across classes in a battle to come up with the most innovative idea for one of three different and very open briefs: Copenhagen city improvement year 2020, Superhospitals in the future and inventions to make grownups play more. Here’s a few pics from yeasterday, where the groups were working hard to get their presentations ready. And from one of the presentations today in a very packed auditorium. I wish someone would make me a tribute beer…Well Done Henrik Bent for project leading the whole shebang :)







A Star

Congrats to Inga Greve Klemensen from our first year, who have been shorlisted in the Ralph Lauren Polo jeans Art Stars Competition. You can see the shorlisted stars here and read more about Inga’s star idea here


Kulturnat poster

These days, Copenhagen is a more beautiful place to be. Fie Lindholm’s lovely illustration that won the poster competition is everywhere, advertising the night of culture in the city on Friday. Fie will be talking about her work Friday night on P4 radio. Well done Fie!