Cannes Festival of Creativity 2015

Once again KK2 descended on Cannes to soak up the sun and loads of creative inspiration. A couple of KK3 students joined us (including the ‘Chauffer Boys’ with their portfolio project “Recommendation Ride“), as well as Simone Wärme from KK1 who attended the Roger Hatchuel Academy. Days blurred between the Paleis, the Google bar, Facebook bar, beach and La Gold Plage where the Danish delegation was welcomed by TV2. Philip Bock from KK3 also launched his new company, Sponsta at Cannes and gave a talk at the festival and on the beach – before even officially graduating! Wow. What a great week!

A rubbish idea!

Emil Heegaard & Andreas Kvist from KK3 wanted to find a better way to use up the approx. 166 million krone’s worth of recyclable deposit bottles and cans that are wasted in Copenhagen trash annually.

So, during innovation classes with guest teacher Toke Lotz in 2014, they came up with an idea that makes it easier for needy people to collect plastic bottles and exchange them for cash. By simply adding a ‘shelf’ to existing trash cans you could make collecting bottles and cans much easier than digging around in the trash. (Of course, recycling correctly also puts less pressure on the environment which is always a good thing!).

They presented their idea to the Københavns Kommunune. Another group had actually already approached KBH Kommune with a similar project — so, everyone joined forces, and 5 months later, “KBH pant” was launched! A great initiative Emil and Andreas. Congratulations for making a real difference. Read more about the idea here.



Recommendation Ride in Cannes

Stefan Arnoldus Rasmussen & Jacob Nørremark from KK3 have rented a “sweet, sweet ride” during the Cannes Lions festival of creativity 2015 and are offering free trips from Nice Airport into Cannes in exchange for a portfolio review. A creative way to get top exposure to the right people at the right time. Let’s hope Dan Wieden, David Droga or Susan Credle need a lift. Well done and drive safely guys!

First-year team win a place at the D&AD New Blood Academy in London!

So proud of Simone Wärme and Klara Vilshammer Christiansen from KK1 who’ve been chosen to attend the D&AD New Blood Academy in July! The Academy is an intense two-week creative bootcamp for 50 of this year’s New Blood pencil-winners. They’ll be mentored by top creatives and pushed to their limits through a packed programme of talks, workshops, hacks and live client challenges. They could even win a paid internship within the WPP global network. The team got in with a video where they had to ‘be themselves’ and answer 10 simple questions, like “What would you do in London?” and “What inspires you?”. See their Spice-girls-inspired submission here … parental guidance advised!

How do you get in to Kreativ Kommunikation?

Dorte Nielsen explains the application process and what to expect as a KK student (in Danish).

Every year, a lot of talented people want to join the Art Direction & Concepting Bachelor’s Degree course at Kreativ Kommunikation. Unfortunately, we only have 24 spots. So, how do you get one of these places? Here, a little advice …

Be yourself.
Don’t try to be ‘someone in advertising’. There are so many kinds of people in agencies (nerds, maniacs, sweethearts etc.) If you’re curious, creative and communicative by nature, it will come through.
Take it seriously
Applying for KK is not a job application, but in many ways should be taken as seriously. This is your first big step on your career ladder towards a bright creative future!
Ask around. Do research.
Speak to current and past KK students. How did they get in? Do they have advice? Look through this blog at student work and portfolios. Come to the annual Åbent Hus (Open House) day at the school to meet students and teachers. Read relevant literature or websites to figure out what advertising is.

A few examples of books you can read about creativity and advertising …

A few examples of books you can read about creativity and advertising …

And, if you’re at the beginning of your creative journey and don’t even know where to start, well …

• Start collecting all your creative projects over time, share your work online, find people to admire.
• Become familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite software package (InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator).
• Get relevant work experience as an assistant or junior creative at an ad agency, web studio etc.
• Get involved in creativity and communication! Surf the web; go to poetry slams; write poems; go to exhibitions; create a blog; keep a sketchbook in your bag; tweet; take a lot of photos, observe people on the train; make a band; go to fashion shows; design your own logo. Invent stuff! Be observant! Have fun! / International Cannes Lions / Danish Creative Circle Awards / D&AD Awards / Lüzer’s Archive Magazine / Coloribus / Joe la Pompe / /

Telmore Play

Recently our hard working second year students worked with Telmore Play a mobile telephone product that includes added features such as online films, music, series and magazines. Here are some of their solutions:

Andreas Green Lorentzen, Frederik Voetmann, Jesper Wendelbo Lindeløv and Sebastian Risom Drejer:

Telmore Play – “Undskyld” from Andreas Green Lorentzen on Vimeo.

Niklas Hultquist Andersen, August Laustsen, Maria Marcher, Magnus Hasselberg:

TELMORE – MOVIESNAPS from Niklas Hultquist on Vimeo.

Peter Conlan, Andrew Rhodes Nørgaard, Luis Holmes, Mads Schmidt Hansen:

Telmore Play – Fight boredom! from Peter Conlan on Vimeo.