Gordons & Grey

Last week Peter Farver & Simon Engstrøm from Grey Copenhagen came by to take our second year through a project. The brief was Gordons Gin and the teams had less than a week to do the planning, the creative and the executions. Here’s some of the campaigns. First up Kasper Monberg, Kasper Dohlmann, and Rasmus Mølgaard.





And the very first iPad app..tadaaa


The real deal

And here’s another nice campaign for National Geographic Channel. Frederik Stensballe Halby & Joachim Juel Ulrich chose to subtly point a finger at Discovery and other channels that rely more and more on random reality tv concepts with low production value. And reposition National Geographic Channel as the real deal.



The Ultimate Fighter – National Geographic Channel from Frederik Stensballe Halby on Vimeo.

A whole lotta Lego #3

And then there’s this campaign aimed mainly at kids. It’s made by Mark Rif Torbensen and René Kammersgaard.

6 sheet posters with vertical lenticular effects. So if you see it from a grown ups point of view, what you see is what you get. From a kids point of you, on the other hand, the poster is a whole other story. Endline “The Power of Imagination”


The subsite can only be accesed with a special Lego device. The device opens a vault into a house.



In here you can find the key to turning your device into an augmented reality pattern.



The device also doubles as a gun to shoot imaginary figures in a first person shooter game, when you walk around the rest of the house.


A whole lotta Lego

Our second year have been doing brand campaigns for LEGO. Here’s some samples of the work. First up Rasmus Mølgaard, Kasper Dohlmann and Liv Caroline Laursen with this integrated campaign:

Special build outdoor with lego dots, that shapes different letters throughout the day as the sun changes position

imagination never ends

Press ads

imagination never ends_2

Interactive outdoor where people can build or rebuild on previous creations

imagination never ends_3

Subsite that takes the outdoor idea online and allow people to create a neverending Lego creation together. On the site you can locate your own creation within the bigger one and go back and forth on a timeline to see how it has developed.

imagination never ends_4

Welcome outside

What a lovely 360 campaign for Playstation Portable by Mai Pilgaard Pagh and Emil Kjems. The campaign uses the wellknown PS icons to guide the players around the real world. It involves everything from outdoor, to press, stickers to various ambient and facebook apps. Here’s a few of the media.psp