Future Lions Entries

Here’s some of this years Future Lions entries from our second and third year students. The Future Lions is a global student contest at the Cannes Lions Festival. The brief is to “Advertise a product from a global brand in a way thatcouldn’t have been done five years ago”. Last year one of our teams V+A won the competition. Fingers crossed for this year and best of luck to all teams :)

In no particular order, here’s Malene Lyngbæk Olsen & Line Lorentzen’s entry “Happy Feet”

Ecco – Happy Feet from Maline on Vimeo.

Next up, Jan Stistrup & Daniel Norit-Bodilsen with “The Big Check-in”

The Big Check-in from Daniel Norit on Vimeo.

And here’s Rikke Boas and Maja Louise Kargaard’s entry “Shake n’ donate” for Red Cross

Shake’n'donate – The Red Cross from Rikke Boas on Vimeo.

Charlotte Boysen and Jeppe Hansen has made the “Heineken Match Finder” together with Thomas Birk Christoffersen.

Heineken Match Finder from Charlotte Boysen on Vimeo.

Thomas Birk Christoffersen have also worked with team partner Rasmus Jensen on this modern day mindmapping tool, the Behance Brain”iPad app. See the case on their site paerenblinker.dk under the brain icon.

behance brain

And here’s Kaspar Monberg’s entry “Ladbrokes One Armed Bandit”

Ladbrokes One Armed Bandit from Kaspar Monberg on Vimeo.

Mathias Andersen and Nicolai Achton appoints Santa to help out Fedex in their quirky campaign, “Christmas Every Day”.

Jonas Quist Nielsen and Mai Mi Dahmlos Eriksen have made the next two entries “Donate Store” and “Oxford Facebook Dictaonary”

Donate Store from Small & Tall on Vimeo.

Oxford Facebook Dictionaries from Small & Tall on Vimeo.

And yep, there’s more. Next is Anders Wendel and Mads Mardahl’s “Smart Shopper” idea. Click here to see the case on their site.


Camille Clemmesen and Sidsel Fuglsang have made this useful tool for young girls, the “NightGuard”.

NightGuard from Sidsel Fuglsang on Vimeo.

Last, but not least, René Kammersgaard and Mark Rif Torbensen’s entries. They have entered five cases. Here’s four of them. The last one is the Axe case, that they have made with Kaspar Monberg and that took the gold at The Gulltagen Digital Award.

Cannondale: Bike finder app from Mark rif on Vimeo.

Agent Provocateur app from Mark rif on Vimeo.

Danish Refugee Council: See the world through the eyes of a refugee from Mark rif on Vimeo.

And finally, this oldie but goodie, that I have posted previously as keyframes.

Lego: Power of imagination from Mark rif on Vimeo.

D&AD Nominees!

Hooray and huge congrats to Malene Lyngbæk Olsen & Line Lorentzen from our second year, who’s been nominated in the Integrated Communication Category of the D&AD Student Awards. Only four teams has been nominated worldwide. Results are to be announced on June 16th, and the girls will be flown in to London for the big award show. We have had work In Book before, but this is our very first D&AD nomination at Creative Communication. Here’s the case. Well done girls! And fingers crossed for the 16th.

Hello Stranger from Maline on Vimeo.

Best Nordic Student work!

Congratulations to Kaspar Monberg, Mark Rif Torbensen & René Kammergaard from our third year for taking the Winner prize at The Gultaggen Digital Best Nordic Student last night. Kjempe Fint!

Here’s the case that snapped the gold.

AXE “Up your game” from kaspar monberg on Vimeo.

And here’s how it took place on the big night of the award show.

Untitled from Mark rif on Vimeo.

Future Lions

Here’s some of Kreativ Kommunikation’s entries for this years Future Lions contest in Cannes. The brief: Advertise a product from a global brand in a way that couldn’t be conceived 5 years ago.

First up, Hitman Vendetta from Kasper Dohlmann and Rasmus Høgdall.

Hitman Vendetta – Future Lions 2010 from AD-HD on Vimeo.

And here’s two entries from Peter Ammentorp and Nicolai Villads (vplusa).

Durex Baby from Peter Ammentorp Lund on Vimeo.

A Penguin’s Tale from Peter Ammentorp Lund on Vimeo.

And last but not least, another Hitman case. This one’s from Mark Rif Torbensen and René Kammersgaard.

Hitman from Mark rif on Vimeo.

Best of luck to everyone. Fingers crossed :)

Gordons & Grey No. 4

An here’s som eof the work from Jeppe Hansen and Claus Salling’s “Only mix with the best” campaign.GordonsJC_abribus


A cinema ad, where the actor on screen starts mocking you for sitting with the common people.


Facebook app where you can improve the look on the people in the picture.