The Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase 2011

The guys from Saatchi & Saatchi had their highly anticipated New Directors Showcase kicked of today. They gave us the opportunity to get a peep at some of the hottest new directing talent. The show was kicked of by Jamie Lidell before each director had their entry shown. As part of the showcase there was the “Hello Future Music Video Challenge” where the brief was to “Bring the Hello Future to life” with 1 0f 3 Moby tracks! The winner Alberto Gomez made a beautiful video to Moby’s “After”. See the video challenge at vimeo/saatchiandsaatchi


See the beginning here


Huge congrats to Kaspar Monberg from our Third year, who’s snapped a Silver in the  Cannes Young Lions Cyber Competition today together with Jakob Vorre from Trible LBI. We’re off to the award show now to celebrate with some rosa bubbles.


Future Lions Winners!

Oh my, they’re on a roll! Peter Ammentorp and Nicolai Villads entered the Cannes Palais stage once again today to receive their Future Lions winner’s trophy. 733 worldwide entries, only 5 winners. If you haven’t already seen it, check out their “A Penguin’s Tale” in HD here.



Big fat massive congrats and sloppy kisses to Peter Ammentorp and Nicolai Villads! They won the Young Lions Media Gold yesterday beating the rest of the world. Yes…the world! This is the first time ever a Danish team wins gold in a Young Lions competition. The story has been published in Børsen, TV2 and Bureaubiz.

Here’s a very shaky video of the boys held by a very shaky hand. We were extremly touched and happy.

Greetings from Cannes

Hello to everyone from the Cannes Lions Festival. Peter Ammentorp and Nicolai Villads have just finished competing in the Young Lions Media contest. Results will be announced tonight. Andreas Hoff and Lukas Lund will be briefed in the Young Lions Film competion tomorrow. Results will be announced Saturday. And we have hardly seen Alexander Binger, who’s busy at the Roger Hatchuel Academy. Check out the RH tweets here

Friday will also be is a very exciting day. Peter and Nicolai is shortlisted in the prestigious Future Lions competion. They might take home one of these (in a slightly smaller version).


Yes we Cannes!

Huge shiny happy congrats to Peter Ammentorp & Andreas Hoff for winning a Bronze Lion in the Young Lions Film Competition with this pretty little thing. The film was made in 48 hours from briefing to finish. And thanks to the guys, Denmark finally got mentioned on the festival at the big show Saturday night. Im a very proud tutor.

Young Cannes Lions Film 2009, bronze winner from Peter Ammentorp Lund on Vimeo.


8 days in Cannes
1 Bronze in Young Lions Film
1 Future Lions Shortlist
1 food poisoning accident
1 box jellyfish accident
1,5 fainting accident
1 ode to Lektor Kej
3 complaints from angry Spanish neighbours
1 beach party with free food and drinks and Beth Hart
1 beach party with no free food or drinks or Beth Hart
8 guys skinny dipping
0 girls skinny dipping
12 disappointed male Dutch creatives armed with camera phones
1440 pints of beer
2 lucky VIP galla party invites
2 little sleep
and lots and lots of inspiration

Thanks for a lovely week!
Watch this space for more cool KK stuff and for Chris’ film about our Cannes trip.