Recommendation Ride in Cannes

Stefan Arnoldus Rasmussen & Jacob Nørremark from KK3 have rented a “sweet, sweet ride” during the Cannes Lions festival of creativity 2015 and are offering free trips from Nice Airport into Cannes in exchange for a portfolio review. A creative way to get top exposure to the right people at the right time. Let’s hope Dan Wieden, David Droga or Susan Credle need a lift. Well done and drive safely guys!

The Roger Hatchuel Academy in Cannes

Frederik Voetmann / KK first-year student
10487740_10204194395883122_1067207574_nI was the lucky student chosen for Denmark’s spot in the Roger Hatchuel Academy at the 2014 Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity. The Academy is a seven-day course held inside the Palais for 35 advertising students from all over the world. Selected students came from everywhere – China, Costa Rica, Nigeria, New Zealand – a true creative melting pot. During the week we had private talks and workshops from morning ’til night with some of the world’s top advertising geniuses: Gerry Human (Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy London) challenged us to predict the Press Grand Prix winner and promised a case of champagne to the lucky winner; John O’Keeffe (Worldwide Creative Director of WPP) gave his five cents on the advertising industry; and Michael Conrad (President of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership) taught us his legendary “7+ To Heaven-scale” for rating creative work. In addition to all the inspirational talks and workshops we worked in teams of four on a brief from Statoil, the Academy’s sponsor. Our solutions were to be presented to Statoil’s Head of Creative Strategy as well as the Creative Director of McCann Oslo at the end of the week. The winning team won an internship at McCann, and a hiking trip in Norway to see the Northen Lights! Overall, my week at the Roger Hatchuel Academy was a life changing 7-days of non-stop sensory overload. I worked with people from all over the world and came home to Copenhagen more inspired, and tired, than ever before – and … I’d do it all over again if I could.


KK in Cannes 2014!

We’re on study tour at the International Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity with the 2nd-year students … and having a blast! Some first and third year students joined as well for the sunshine and inspiration. Frederik Voetmann (from the 1st-year) is also attending the Roger Hatchuel Academy and barely has time for beer as they pump him full of adformation from morning ’til night! For the rest of us it’s just another day of great seminars, amazing work, celeb-spotting, free beer, google cocktails, networking and inspiration. Does it get any better?


Tammes and Mads strike again


Tammes and Mads from our third year, took a quick break from their internship at AKQA in Paris, to travel to Lisboa and compete in the Young Creatives Integrated advertising competition – and last night they took home a bronze for their work!

In the Young Creatives Integrated competition, young talent from all of Europe have just two days two days to show their skills. The competition is a challenging test of creative excellence and it’s a great way of getting noticed by the industry.

Mads and Tammes have already been doing well, they won the Danish YCCA competition in Digital this year and were chosen for Cream, a showcase of the 20 best graduate creative teams, and individuals chosen by top people from the industry.

We can’t wait to see their winning work!  But until then you can see their portfolio here!


Carlsberg Brief Case Sessions

Carlsberg invited creatives from all over the world to crack big briefs at this years Cannes Lions awards. Several of our student teams joined the competition and came up with bright ideas in only 30 minutes.

Carlsberg has announced the 4 top ideas and 2 of them were created by students from our second year! You can vote on their ideas by liking their videos until the 15th of September.

Well-done Neela, Camilla, Casper and René.


We have a big group of students and teachers are in Cannes again this year. Our whole 2nd year, some 3rd year students and one 1st year student. Mikkel Møller, Dorte Nielsen and myself are looking out for the group. Also, no less than 8 students are competing in the Young Lions and Future Lions competitions… If you want to see what we are up to then check Instagram and the hashtag #kkcannes13 – We’ll be posting all week!

Future Lions nominations galore

We are very proud and happy to annonce that no less than 3 teams from our second year have been nominated for Future Lions 2012! 1000 entries from all over the world have been submitted and only 40 have been nominated in total!

Here are the nominated ideas:

Tobias Løvschall-Wedel + Jeppe Kuld Jensen with “Duct Tape Digital”

Julius Juul Mortensen + Rie Sloth Rasmussen with “Bon Appetit”


Jeppe Hundahl Ritz + Louis Alexander Ree Pilmark with “Final Chapter”

Sir John on the fine art of zigzagging

Yesterday we saw the BBH lecture @ Cannes 2011. Sir Johns speech was about being different in all you do.
The power of difference!
The industry is obsessed with convention
Watch his intro here:

Sir John Hegarty, Worldwide Creative Director, BBH

Yesterday we saw the BBH lecture @ Cannes 2011. Sir John’s inspiring speech was about being different. Here’s a few of our notes;

The power of difference

The industry is obsessed with convention

The social web rewards difference

Boost the signal, reduce the noise

Sir John summed up the lecture with the famous Levi’s payoff from 1982 – when the world zigs, zag.  This later became BBH’s way of doing business and has earned them a spot as one of the worlds most award-winning agencies. After this inspiration boost we are even more thrilled about our coming internship this fall at their London office.

Watch the intro here

Happy Cannes summervibes,