The Concept Maker App

It’s your own creative pocket partner and it’s created by Lektor Kej and Lektor Kat from Kreativ Kommunikation. It can assist you in the creative process, whenever you have to generate concepts and ideas for advertising or other creative industries. The Concept Maker can help you spark new ideas and concepts with more than 70 creative starters or get inspiration from thousands of random images. With the Concept Maker you can also record audio, take photos, write notes, save image references and organize them in folders.

The app is available for free on the Danish app store and if you aren’t Danish it’s still a bargain! Read more here.

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Grundbog for Art Directors

This book is an Art Director’s ABC and goes through everything from basic art direction tips, strategy, tips on how to work best with the different media platforms and on to an introduction to agency life. Every page is layoutet differently and there’s a bunch of easter eggs hidden in there for the really attentive reader.

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