Get out the popcorn!

It’s TV time!

The second year just finalized their TV module. This year they were asked to create ads for either the newspaper Information or the online dating site OK Cupid. And here are some of the results.

So dim the lights, turn up the sound, sit back, and enjoy!

First up is an idea for Information by Cat Shaw-Halford, Jakob Sommer Holmberg, Ole B. Hoffmann & Kristoffer Winther

15 second version (cutdown)

… and the full 60 second version

Next we have another idea for OK Cupid by Christoffer Prisholm, Pernille Nivi, Benjamin Beckett & Simon Konski

And, more Information by Stefan Arnoldus, Morten Schmidt, Jacob Nørremark, and Stine Thorbøll

A selection of 15 sec TVC’s for OK Cupid from Camilla Agerskov, Tom Carter, Emil Heegaard, and Tau B. Rosenberg

Last but not least we have a last Information idea for you by Philip Bock, Cathrine Understrup, Gustav Eskildsen, Louise Skafte

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