Telmore Play

Recently our hard working second year students worked with Telmore Play a mobile telephone product that includes added features such as online films, music, series and magazines. Here are some of their solutions:

Andreas Green Lorentzen, Frederik Voetmann, Jesper Wendelbo Lindeløv and Sebastian Risom Drejer:

Telmore Play – “Undskyld” from Andreas Green Lorentzen on Vimeo.

Niklas Hultquist Andersen, August Laustsen, Maria Marcher, Magnus Hasselberg:

TELMORE – MOVIESNAPS from Niklas Hultquist on Vimeo.

Peter Conlan, Andrew Rhodes Nørgaard, Luis Holmes, Mads Schmidt Hansen:

Telmore Play – Fight boredom! from Peter Conlan on Vimeo.

How to get your dream advertising internship

Our 3rd-year KK students are currently doing their internships locally and across the globe. Knowing that you can’t just sit back and hope stuff happens, they’ve gone to great lengths to win placements at their dream agencies. We’d like to share some of their journey’s …

Catherine Understrup has wanted to work at the ultra-cool SNASK studio in Sweden for quite some time. Last year they were full and this year she was told they had a two-year waiting list. Undeterred, she designed a ping-pong paddle, packed it in a golden box with a letter challenging the owners to gamble the internship on a match of ping-pong and sent it to Stockholm. She then time-travelled two years into the future and is currently the happiest girl in Sweden. Find the full story here

Ole Hoffman and Kristoffer Winther have always admired the work of Jung von Matt in Hamburg. They decided to grab the bull by the horns and set up a meeting during this year’s Cannes Creativity Festival. Then, they somehow managed to totally screw things up by being 25 minutes late. Twenty-five minutes. That’s like a career-ending amount of time to make a Creative Director sit around waiitng for two random guys from Denmark. Desperate to make up for their French faux par, they cleverly turned adversity into opportunity. They hand-made a wall clock that punches their heads for 25 minutes every hour, every day. They sent it to the agency in Hamburg, and hoped for the best. Now, they’re known as ‘The clock guys’ and will be working at Jung van Matt from January.Advertising_Internships_KK3

Simon Konski and Christoffer Højgaard (of Dorito Lord fame!) have deep respect for the crazy stuff coming out of Gerry Graf’s agency (Barton F. Graf 9000) in New York, but wanted to approach their creative hero with flair. So, they built a website specifically for him with references to work created by BFG9000. Every project on their website it is based on what they thought Gerry would like. They then sent him a rather delightful postcard inviting him to have a look. A few weeks went by with the loudest radio silence ever… and the guys had pretty much given up … until … a BFG9000 recruiter emailed to chat on skype. It must have gone well as they will be working with Gerry in January. Well done guys! Simon_Christoffer_KK3

Fjällräven review at Robert Boisen & Like-minded

We bought print and outdoor back for one intense week in KK3 to see what the guys could do in just 5 days! They did not disappoint. Making some great ideas for the iconic Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven (“Arctic fox”). Heinrich Veijlgaard and René Sohn Kammersgaard from Robert Boisen & Like-minded invited us to the agency and gave some great input on the work. They then chose a shortlist … and … one winner! Well done to all and especially the Swedish schnaps winners for “Best Campaign” – Ole B. Hoffmann & Kristoffer Winther Sørensen. Skål!IMG_5372IMG_5371

Welcome KK1!

We ask quite a lot from our new KK1 students. In week one they had to build an egg-saving machine from random ‘stuff’ that could safely transport a fragile egg three floors down. Then, the very next day, we asked them to build a boat. A real boat. Out of cardboard. And sail it, in a race against other students … on a real lake. Yes, that’s how we treat our new, beloved students. Some eggs were actually saved and sailing contestants survived the gruelling 100 meters. The fastest was actually quite fast – 57 seconds! And, in case you’re wondering what’s going on with the giant red pencils, that’s where we pledge ourselves to the ongoing pursuit of creativity with the words: “You Can Change The World With Your Pencil”. Here’s to a great three years – Salute!

One of the egg saving machines actually worked!

Egg-Saving-Machine-V Egg-Saving-Machine-IV


KK students win in London!

Last night Philip Bock and Morten Schmidt from KK3 received an award at the British YCN Student Awards (YCN is short for “You Can Now” and is an organization empowering young creative talent).

Each year, YCN publish a book with a bunch of open briefs for creative students to try and crack. When Philip and Morten did their exchange program in London a few months ago, they discovered the book and decided to take up the challenge.

Their winning solution will be published in the next YCN book which will also contain a bunch of exciting, new briefs. Well done guys!