Back to the Future

Here are the KK student submissions for the Future Lions 2013 competition – As always the assignment is simple: To create an advertising idea that could not have been made 5 years ago. Hold on to your hover board!

The first batch is from our first years.


By Dennis Petrus Nguyen together with Christopher Lassen from Interactive Design

By Philip Alexander Bock and Stefan Arnoldus Rasmussen

By Ole B. Hoffmann and Jacob Nørremark

By Kristoffer Winther Sørensen and Mads Naumann from the Interactive Design course

By Louise Skafte Louise Skafte and Nivi Heidelbach

By Stefan Arnoldus Rasmussen and Jakob Sommer Holmberg

By Cathrine Understrup and Stefan Arnoldus Rasmussen

By Philip Alexander Bock


The second year students have done this lot!

By Neela Wedage and Director Camilla Berlick

By Line Johnsen and Lea Brisell

By Janus Flagstad and Jacob Unna

By Sune Overby Neela Wedage

By Sune Overby and Neela Wedage

By Trine Qvistgaard and Tammes Bernstein

By Camilla Berlick and Nina Halvorsen

By Sebastian Artmann and Adam Haxholdt

By Christian Riskær Pedersen and Malte Gaarde

By Casper Christensen & René Schultz

By Casper Christensen & René Schultz

By Neela Menik Wedage & René Schultz


And, even though they are in the middle of their final exams, here are some entries from our third year students.

By Jeppe Ritz and Louis Pilmark

By Pete Ashworth and Carl Ejlers

By Pete Ashworth and Carl Ejlers

By Carl Gustav

By Tobias Løvschall-Wedel and Jeppe Sommer Kuld

By Jeppe Sommer Kuld and Mathias Malling Mortensen

We have never had so many entries for the Future Lions Award – fingers crossed!

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