Bye Bye lovely people

Last week we said our goodbyes to a very talented class. You might not be able to see it on this photo from their end-of-class bustrip, but just have a look at their portfolios below :)


In no particular order…

Camille Clemmensen

Anders Wendel & Mads Mardahl

Thomas Birk Christoffersen & Rasmus Jensen

Rikke Boas & Maja Louise Kargaard

Laust Højgaard & Julie Kessler

Malene Lyngbæk Olsen & Line Lorentzen

Jan Stistrup

Lise Skovsted Larsen

Mathias Andersen & Nicolai Achton

Mikkel Otterstrøm

Sidsel Fuglsang

Mai Mi Dahmlos

Jonas Quist Nielsen and Daniel Norit-Bodilsen

Signe Andersen’s portfolio will be up as soon as it’s done

Same counts for Kevin Casey’s illustration portfolio.

Record high number of applicants

This year Kreativ Kommunikation has had no less than 519 applicants! That’s a record high number for us. For the past couple of days we have been locked inside a room with an immense amount of cake and coffee to go through this application marathon. We’re almost done now and are looking forward to notify the final 60, we want to invite in for the two day test in May.

Thanks for all the work. It has all been looked at, compared and rated in details. I wish that I could publish some of it here.

Also a big thanks to DøgnNetto for supplying late night snacks.

YCCA Film Winners

Woohoo Rasmus Jensen & Thomas Birk Christoffersen from our Third year have won the Young Creative Circle Award in the film category. They will be representing Denmark in this year Young Lions Film competition in Cannes. Congrats and best of luck!

Here’s the film again

DIA Future Shortlist

This is the season for awards and now the Danish Internet Award Future shortlist is out. Big congrats to Julius Juul & Rie Sloth Rasmussen and to Pete Ashworth & Shannon Crowe! Winners will be annunced at the award show on April 26th. Fingers crossed :)

“Bon Appetit” By Julius & Rie

BonAppetit – DIA FUTURE 2012 from Julius Juul on Vimeo.

“Me n U” by Pete and Shannon

ME n U from Pete Ashworth on Vimeo.

YCCA Film Shortlist

The nominees for the Young Creative Circle Film Award is out. Huge congrats to Thomas Birk Christoffersen & Rasmus Frimand Jensen from our third year and to Rie Sloth Rasmussen & Line Johnson from our Second and First year. Go teams!

Here’s Thomas and Rasmus’ film and a big thanks to the actors Ole Ernst and Asta Esper Hagen Andersen, who helped out for free.

Rabies – YCCA 2012 from Rasmus F. Jensen on Vimeo.

And here’s Rie and Lines

YCCA – FILM 2012 from rie-work on Vimeo.

Screen shot 2012-03-20 at 5.18.40 PM

YCCA print shortlist

The nominees for the Young Creative Circle Print Award has been announced. Half of the shortlist is from KK. Big congrats to:

Anna Lea Brisell & Rene Schultz
Marlene vagn Andersen & Trine Quistgaard
Camilla Berlick & Neela Menik Wedage
Jacob Unna & Simon Konski
Tobias Løvschall-Wedel together with Jonathan Trier Brikner from the Danish Design School.
Maja Louise Kargaard & Rikke Boas

You can see all the nominees here. The winner will be announced Friday night. Fingers crossed…

YCCA print

Open doors

Last night we opened the doors to the school for students-to-be’s. Everyone interested in a creative career could pop by for a chat and a look around. Our first year’s class room were crammed with curious young creatives. Here’s a few pics :)




Merry christmas

The students have just been sent off on christmas holiday and are probably already heavily sedated with cheap beers from DøgnNetto.

To keep the rest of us in the cristmas spirit too, here’s a Youtube Advent calendar, that some of our old KK students have made in their sparetime. It’s all for fun and made with no budget. You can enjoy all the episodes here

Have a very merry christmas all!

Screen shot 2011-12-16 at 4.16.41 PM

Photo winner

Congrats to Jeppe Kuld for winning the FOF photo competittion with his entry in the “City Life” category. The photo is taken at Copenhagen Airport Metro station and the judges were especially wowed by Jeppe’s use of light.