Telmore Play

Recently our hard working second year students worked with Telmore Play a mobile telephone product that includes added features such as online films, music, series and magazines. Here are some of their solutions:

Andreas Green Lorentzen, Frederik Voetmann, Jesper Wendelbo Lindeløv and Sebastian Risom Drejer:

Telmore Play – “Undskyld” from Andreas Green Lorentzen on Vimeo.

Niklas Hultquist Andersen, August Laustsen, Maria Marcher, Magnus Hasselberg:

TELMORE – MOVIESNAPS from Niklas Hultquist on Vimeo.

Peter Conlan, Andrew Rhodes Nørgaard, Luis Holmes, Mads Schmidt Hansen:

Telmore Play – Fight boredom! from Peter Conlan on Vimeo.

Welcome KK1!

We ask quite a lot from our new KK1 students. In week one they had to build an egg-saving machine from random ‘stuff’ that could safely transport a fragile egg three floors down. Then, the very next day, we asked them to build a boat. A real boat. Out of cardboard. And sail it, in a race against other students … on a real lake. Yes, that’s how we treat our new, beloved students. Some eggs were actually saved and sailing contestants survived the gruelling 100 meters. The fastest was actually quite fast – 57 seconds! And, in case you’re wondering what’s going on with the giant red pencils, that’s where we pledge ourselves to the ongoing pursuit of creativity with the words: “You Can Change The World With Your Pencil”. Here’s to a great three years – Salute!

One of the egg saving machines actually worked!

Egg-Saving-Machine-V Egg-Saving-Machine-IV