Update from Anders & Mads at BBH London

Creatives: Anders Wendel, Mads Nicolai Mardahl
Creative Directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Director: Sean Meehan
Production Company: Nice Shirt
Producer: James Laughton
Account Director: Simon Coles
Edit: Andy McGraw – Stitch
Sound: Anthony Moore, Sam Robson – Factory
Grading: Tareq Kubaisi – Prime Focus
Composition: Noise International
Post: The Mill

Sir John on the fine art of zigzagging

Yesterday we saw the BBH lecture @ Cannes 2011. Sir Johns speech was about being different in all you do.
The power of difference!
The industry is obsessed with convention
Watch his intro here:

Sir John Hegarty, Worldwide Creative Director, BBH

Yesterday we saw the BBH lecture @ Cannes 2011. Sir John’s inspiring speech was about being different.┬áHere’s a few of our notes;

The power of difference

The industry is obsessed with convention

The social web rewards difference

Boost the signal, reduce the noise

Sir John summed up the lecture with the famous Levi’s payoff from 1982 – when the world zigs, zag. ┬áThis later became BBH’s way of doing business and has earned them a spot as one of the worlds most award-winning agencies. After this inspiration boost we are even more thrilled about our coming internship this fall at their London office.

Watch the intro here

Happy Cannes summervibes, cargocollective.com/dosis