Cannes Festival of Creativity 2015

Once again KK2 descended on Cannes to soak up the sun and loads of creative inspiration. A couple of KK3 students joined us (including the ‘Chauffer Boys’ with their portfolio project “Recommendation Ride“), as well as Simone Wärme from KK1 who attended the Roger Hatchuel Academy. Days blurred between the Paleis, the Google bar, Facebook bar, beach and La Gold Plage where the Danish delegation was welcomed by TV2. Philip Bock from KK3 also launched his new company, Sponsta at Cannes and gave a talk at the festival and on the beach – before even officially graduating! Wow. What a great week!

A rubbish idea!

Emil Heegaard & Andreas Kvist from KK3 wanted to find a better way to use up the approx. 166 million krone’s worth of recyclable deposit bottles and cans that are wasted in Copenhagen trash annually.

So, during innovation classes with guest teacher Toke Lotz in 2014, they came up with an idea that makes it easier for needy people to collect plastic bottles and exchange them for cash. By simply adding a ‘shelf’ to existing trash cans you could make collecting bottles and cans much easier than digging around in the trash. (Of course, recycling correctly also puts less pressure on the environment which is always a good thing!).

They presented their idea to the Københavns Kommunune. Another group had actually already approached KBH Kommune with a similar project — so, everyone joined forces, and 5 months later, “KBH pant” was launched! A great initiative Emil and Andreas. Congratulations for making a real difference. Read more about the idea here.



Recommendation Ride in Cannes

Stefan Arnoldus Rasmussen & Jacob Nørremark from KK3 have rented a “sweet, sweet ride” during the Cannes Lions festival of creativity 2015 and are offering free trips from Nice Airport into Cannes in exchange for a portfolio review. A creative way to get top exposure to the right people at the right time. Let’s hope Dan Wieden, David Droga or Susan Credle need a lift. Well done and drive safely guys!

First-year team win a place at the D&AD New Blood Academy in London!

So proud of Simone Wärme and Klara Vilshammer Christiansen from KK1 who’ve been chosen to attend the D&AD New Blood Academy in July! The Academy is an intense two-week creative bootcamp for 50 of this year’s New Blood pencil-winners. They’ll be mentored by top creatives and pushed to their limits through a packed programme of talks, workshops, hacks and live client challenges. They could even win a paid internship within the WPP global network. The team got in with a video where they had to ‘be themselves’ and answer 10 simple questions, like “What would you do in London?” and “What inspires you?”. See their Spice-girls-inspired submission here … parental guidance advised!

We have two D&AD winners!

The international D&AD ‪New Blood Awards‬ have been announced, and … we have two teams up for a pencil! Exactly which pencil we don’t know yet, but all will be revealed at the awards ceremony in London in July! Andreas Green Lorentzen & Jesper Wendelbo from KK2 won with their entry ” Your coffeehouse” for PACT Coffee / Facebook (Well done guys!) And Simone Wärme & Klara Vilshammer Christiansen from KK1 won for their World Wildlife Programme project, “One world hero”. (Fantastic!) Here is the winning work …

“Your Coffeehouse” / Andreas Green Lorentzen & Jesper Wendelbo / KK2 / D&AD New Blood Awards Pencil winner 2015

“One World Hero” / Simone Wärme & Klara Vilshammer Christiansen / KK1 / D&AD New Blood Awards Pencil winner 2015

YCCA Digital winners!

Niklas Frederik Hultquist Andersen and Frederik Voetmann managed to scoop up the YCCA digital prize at the Creative Circle Awards this year! Well done guys! (and big congrats to all the other ex-KK winners!). Here is their winning idea again …

“Tag et tegn” / Frederik Voetmann & Niklas Frederik Hultquist Andersen / KK2 / YCCA 2015 Winner!

Frederik Voetmann & Niklas Frederik Hultquist Andersen, YCCA 2015 Digital winners with Karina Tørnsø & Sebastian Artmann Riemer (KK 2011-2014); Louis Pilmark & Jeppe H. Ritz (KK 2010-2013) and Rikke Wehner Hein & Sigrid Van Beusekom.

Frederik Voetmann & Niklas Frederik Hultquist Andersen, YCCA 2015 Digital winners with Karina Tørnsø & Sebastian Artmann Riemer (KK 2011-2014); Louis Pilmark & Jeppe H. Ritz (KK 2010-2013) and Rikke Wehner Hein & Sigrid Van Beusekom.

YCCA shortlists for 2015!

No fewer than six teams from KK have made it onto the YCCA (Young Creative Circle Awards) shortlist for 2015 in advertising, film and digital! The brief this year was for the Danish Deaf Association. Our 3rd-year students, Kristoffer Winther Sørensen & Ole B. Hoffmann are also nominated in the main CCA (Creative Circle Awards) for their self-promotional piece, the “Sorry we didn’t show up clock”. Let’s cross fingers for the big night on 8 May 2015! Here is the nominated work …

“Anderledes” / Jesper Sichlau & Andreas Arnaa / KK1 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist

“Tag et tegn” / Frederik Voetmann & Niklas Frederik Hultquist Andersen / KK2 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist

Kom-og-snak“Tal med os” / Jeppe Vidstrup & Edmond Dukaj / KK1 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist / Copy: “You already speak our language. Do it with us.”

YCCA_2015_KK1_1“UhøfligeHænder” / Kristine Nørgaard & Christina Anaya Mortensen / KK1 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist / Headline: “Is it rude to talk with food in your hands?” / Copy: “It’s not about doing things 100 % correct, when you communicate with a deaf person. Humor also exists in sign language”.

KK / YCCA shortlist 2015 / Peter Conlan Sebastian Hartboel“Det I ikke siger” / Sebastian Hartbøl & Peter Conlan / KK2 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist / Headline: “The only thing we do not understand are the things you do not say” / Copy: “Don’t be afraid to talk to a deaf person. It is easier than you think”.

KK_YCCA_2015_2“Højtaler” / Eva Ebbensgaard & August Laustsen / KK2 / YCCA 2015 Shortlist / Copy: “Don’t be afraid to use your body when communicating with a deaf person. Your movements are sound to them”.

KK_CCA_2015“Sorry we didn’t show up clock” / Kristoffer Winther Sørensen & Ole B. Hoffmann / KK3 / CCA 2015 Shortlist

Four DIA Future 2015 shortlists!

Four teams from DMJX: Kreativ Kommunikation 1st, 2nd and 3rd year have been shortlisted in the DIA Future 2015 awards! Big congrats to Marie Christine Frederiksen & Uffe Charles Trærup for “MadØrer”; Eva Ebbensgaard & August Laustsen for “Køb en kilometer”; Frederik Voetmann & Niklas Frederik Hultquist Andersen for “Emojis til måltid”; and Philip Bock & Morten Schmidt for “Donér en Döner”. See the shortlisted work below …

KK 1 / Marie Christine Frederiksen & Uffe Charles Trærup / “MadØrer” / DIA Future 2015 Shortlist

KK 2 / Eva Ebbensgaard & August Laustsen / “Køb en kilometer” / DIA Future 2015 Shortlist

KK 2 / Frederik Voetmann & Niklas Frederik Hultquist Andersen / “Emojis til måltid” / DIA Future 2015 Shortlist

KK 3 / Philip Bock & Morten Schmidt / “Donér en Döner” / DIA Future 2015 Shortlist

Brand Creation

Inspired by a rather radical vodka brand, our 2nd-year students created some fun, rebellious brands of their own for all kinds of things, from chewing gum to toilet paper. They generated and crafted their inventions from scratch: brand name, packaging, websites and beyond. Emil Hartvig (Studio C) and Jesper von Weiding inspired us about branding and visual identity. Pelle Martin (SpringSummer) shared some great digital work and our nine new brands were successfully presented to Heinrich Vejlgaard and René Sohn Kammersgaard at Robert Boisen & Like-minded. And so, here they are …

Big Rubbers© are cleaning gloves made for men. They only come in one size. Man size. But you choose a thickness, from 0.8mm to 1.5mm for whatever kind of disaster comes your way. Even unforeseen disasters. To enter the website you first need to see if you’re big enough. If not, well … you’ll get a pair of big rubber balls! Big Rubbers© are created by Andreas Green Lorentzen & Jesper Wendelbo.

GlumăSuper© is a glue that is “As strong as it gets”. “Glumă” happens to mean “Prank” in Romanian, which is a good thing as it’s great for not only fixing things, but also for pranks, big and small. Just make sure you don’t use it for anything that could “get you fired or cause you to lose a friend”. Find some GlumăSuper© cyberpranks online and upload your own. GlumăSuper© is created by Mads Schmidt & Sebastian Risom Drejer.


Sweet Pain Chilli Sauce© is chilli sauce created specifically for ice-cream. So, if you have an adventurous sweet tooth, you can experience Sweet Pain in three flavours: Furious Mint, Mad Mango or Raging Chocolate. Sweet Pain Chilli Sauce© is created by Maria Marcher & Viva Eva Brincher Galbiati.Kreativ_Kommunikation_brand_creation_sweet_pain_chilli_sauce_2015Kreativ_Kommunikation_brand_creation_2015_7

Brainflow chewing gum© is based on the insight that chewing gum can increase blood flow to your brain by up to 40%. So, you can now chew your way to solving that maths problem, writing a fancy poem or saying something witty on a date. Get smarter with fresh mint, sweet berry or bitter lemon and test the smarter you with online brain games. Brainflow chewing gum© is created by Lea Flodgaard & Camilla Søholt.Kreativ_Kommunikation_brand_creation_brainflow_chewing_gum_2015

Air Pumped Paper© is a super-soft toilet paper brand that uses existing technology to pump air between sheets of regular 2-ply toilet paper to make it feel as luxurious as 4-ply! This technique is not only good for you, but also great for our planet. You also get Air Pumped Games for when you ‘need to go’, with names like Roll Run and Paper Pop. And you can choose between ‘Quick and easy’ or ‘Long and hard’. Air Pumped Paper© is created by Eva Ebbensgaard & August Laustsen.

G+T Gin and tonic water© is a new twist on a classic combination. Made to mix perfectly 1:1 for a great Gin and Tonic cocktail. G cannot really work without T and vice versa. Together, they are unstoppable. Watch the video to see how well they mix. G+T Gin and tonic water© is created by Peter Grünewald & Magnus Astrup Hasselberg.


If you can’t beat them, eat ‘em© is a chocolate brand that’s guaranteed to make you feel better. All those people who irritate you no end are turned into creamy chocolate bars you can bite, break and crack into pieces! From your boss or teacher to your ex or that bully in high school. Online you can create your own characters and have them turned into real chocolate bars. If you can’t beat them, eat ‘em© is created by Andrew Rhodes Nørgaard, Sebastian Hartboel and Peter Conlan.


Neutralize© is a soap, nothing else. The only additive is attitude. Lots of it. Online you can create your own ‘neutralized’ message and watch some ‘neutralized’ vine movies. Neutralize© is created by Frederik Voetmann and Niklas Frederik Hultquist Andersen. Kreativ_Kommunikation_brand_creation_2015_3

TRIBE© is a rebellious paint brand created in a world where colour is banned by “The Absolute”. TRIBE© fight for the freedom to express themselves through colour! They come in colour groups made up of shades. The RED tribe, for example, is made up of three fierce warriors: Scarlet, Carmine and Rose. Online you can fight “The Absolute” and express yourself with colour. Look out for TRIBE© graffiti throughout the city! TRIBE© is created by Luis Holmes & Simon Quitzau.Kreativ_Kommunikation_brand_creation_2015_5

Finally, some ‘making-of’ and ‘Grand Brand Presentation’ pics at Robert Boisen & Like-minded. KK2 did a great job presenting like pro’s at RBLM. Mads Schmidt & Sebastian Risom Drejer were awarded “Best Brand” for their new ‘prank’ glue, GlumăSuper© – the RBLM creatives felt it was the most campaignable idea. Well done guys and a big thankyou to Heinrich and René for taking the time to give great input! Kreativ_Kommunikation_brand_creation_2015