A rubbish idea!

Emil Heegaard & Andreas Kvist from KK3 wanted to find a better way to use up the approx. 166 million krone’s worth of recyclable deposit bottles and cans that are wasted in Copenhagen trash annually.

So, during innovation classes with guest teacher Toke Lotz in 2014, they came up with an idea that makes it easier for needy people to collect plastic bottles and exchange them for cash. By simply adding a ‘shelf’ to existing trash cans you could make collecting bottles and cans much easier than digging around in the trash. (Of course, recycling correctly also puts less pressure on the environment which is always a good thing!).

They presented their idea to the Københavns Kommunune. Another group had actually already approached KBH Kommune with a similar project — so, everyone joined forces, and 5 months later, “KBH pant” was launched! A great initiative Emil and Andreas. Congratulations for making a real difference. Read more about the idea here.



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