KK students win in London!

Last night Philip Bock and Morten Schmidt from KK3 received an award at the British YCN Student Awards (YCN is short for “You Can Now” and is an organization empowering young creative talent).

Each year, YCN publish a book with a bunch of open briefs for creative students to try and crack. When Philip and Morten did their exchange program in London a few months ago, they discovered the book and decided to take up the challenge.

Their winning solution will be published in the next YCN book which will also contain a bunch of exciting, new briefs. Well done guys!

The Roger Hatchuel Academy in Cannes

Frederik Voetmann / KK first-year student
10487740_10204194395883122_1067207574_nI was the lucky student chosen for Denmark’s spot in the Roger Hatchuel Academy at the 2014 Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity. The Academy is a seven-day course held inside the Palais for 35 advertising students from all over the world. Selected students came from everywhere – China, Costa Rica, Nigeria, New Zealand – a true creative melting pot. During the week we had private talks and workshops from morning ’til night with some of the world’s top advertising geniuses: Gerry Human (Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy London) challenged us to predict the Press Grand Prix winner and promised a case of champagne to the lucky winner; John O’Keeffe (Worldwide Creative Director of WPP) gave his five cents on the advertising industry; and Michael Conrad (President of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership) taught us his legendary “7+ To Heaven-scale” for rating creative work. In addition to all the inspirational talks and workshops we worked in teams of four on a brief from Statoil, the Academy’s sponsor. Our solutions were to be presented to Statoil’s Head of Creative Strategy as well as the Creative Director of McCann Oslo at the end of the week. The winning team won an internship at McCann, and a hiking trip in Norway to see the Northen Lights! Overall, my week at the Roger Hatchuel Academy was a life changing 7-days of non-stop sensory overload. I worked with people from all over the world and came home to Copenhagen more inspired, and tired, than ever before – and … I’d do it all over again if I could.


KK in Cannes 2014!

We’re on study tour at the International Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity with the 2nd-year students … and having a blast! Some first and third year students joined as well for the sunshine and inspiration. Frederik Voetmann (from the 1st-year) is also attending the Roger Hatchuel Academy and barely has time for beer as they pump him full of adformation from morning ’til night! For the rest of us it’s just another day of great seminars, amazing work, celeb-spotting, free beer, google cocktails, networking and inspiration. Does it get any better?


Three winners at the international D&AD New Blood Awards!

No fewer than THREE teams from our amazing KK 2nd year have won prestigious ‘In Book’ Awards at the international 2014 D&AD New Blood Awards! This is big!!! So, huge congratulations to Olé Hoffmann & Kristoffer Sørensen for Ben&Jerry’s Cool by Nature, Philip Bock & Morten Schmidt for Domestos Money Laundry and Stefan Rasmussen & Jacob Nørremark for Project Scapegoat. A really great achievement! Well done guys!

Students featured in latest Archive magazine!

Casper Christensen and René Schultz from KK 3rd year just sent out a pretty cool ‘job application’ in the form of a very limited edition of Lüzer’s Archive Magazine. This special copy (made in Jutland, with a print run of just 20) is a cheeky version of the real publication, containing their own campaigns, interviews etc. They sent out copies to around 17 advertising agencies … and each cover (just like the real Archive) was personalized to showcase work from a specific agency. They’ve already received some great press coverage and super-positive feedback, with Creative Director’s saying unheard of things like: “Nice work! Ring me next week”. You can visit the team’s website here. Good luck guys!
Casper_Rene_Archive_Magazine Archive_1Archive_3

YCCA nominations are in … !

Well done to the following KK teams (from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year) for their shortlist nominations at this year’s YCCA (Young Creative Circle Award) and CCA (Creative Circle Award) … super work guys!

* Niklas Hultquist Andersen & Casper Christensen for “Tæt på” (Advertising)

* Malte Sebastian Gaarde
 & Karina Tørnsø Johannesen for “Herpesklubben” (Advertising)
… and “Hemmeligheder” (Film)

* Camilla Berlick 
& Neela Menik Wedage for “Guitar” (Film)

* Mads Haugsted Rasmussen & Tammes Alexander Thomsen Bernstein for “+tilfælles” (Digital)

The following students are nominated in the main competition (CCA):

* Sebastian Artmann from our 3rd-year is nominated with Rasmus Petersen and Lasse Bækbo Hinke from HalbyeKaag JWT for two radio spots Hamley’s “Barbie” (Radio) and Hamley’s “Racerbane” (Radio)

* Philip Bock & Stefan Arnoldus Rasmussen from our 2nd-year are nominated with Benjamin Bang
 and Rasmus Høgdall
 from Digital Agency, Konstellation for #happybeertime in no fewer than four categories: Brand driven apps and utilities, social media campaigns, ambient and the digital ‘Special Circle’ award! Wow! Fingers crossed for the Awards night!

See the YCCA nominations below:



by Camilla Berlick 
& Neela Menik Wedage

by Mads Haugsted Rasmussen & Tammes Alexander Thomsen Bernstein

by Malte Sebastian Gaarde
 & Karina Tørnsø Johannesen

Popcorn & Ice-cream!

Our 2nd-year students made new popcorn and ice-cream brands from scratch in their Brand Creation course. We got some top creatives in to inspire: Jan Godsk talked branded content; Mia Lykkegaard & Katrine Jo Madsen (Uncle Grey) gave an inside look at ONLY’s The Liberation; Emil Hartvig (e-types) rocked brand identity; Pelle Martin (SpringSummer) showed brilliant digital work; Gry Strange Echwald gave valuable input on Art Direction and award-winning, U.K. writer, Nick Asbury (Asbury&Asbury), spoke about brand names and Writing & Design. Mia & Kat returned with Design Director, Michael Mandrup, to cast expert eyes over the final work. So … d-d-digital drumroll … after many late nights, brutal decisions and medium-to-large epiphanies, may we present …


Torrent Popcorn© created by Olé Hoffmann & Kristoffer Winther Sørensen
Snowflakes&Mushrooms© created by Benjamin Beckett & Jakob Holmberg
Pop Inventions© created by Catherine Understrup
A world of TINY© created by Pernille Nivi Heidelbach & Camilla Agerskov
Brainfreeze Ice-cream© created by Dennis Petrus Nguyen & Andreas Kvist
Flip ‘n Sip© created by Gustav Holst Eskildsen & Anne-Sofie Kromand
Match Ice-cream© created by Tau Rosenberg & Louise Skafte
Isöld Sorbet© created by Simon Østergaard Konski & Christoffer Prisholm Høgaard

Big thanks to all who gave talks, advice or reviews. Here some behind-the-scenes-brand-making action:

2 teams – 4 shortlists!

Once again Kreativ Kommunikation is well represented @ DIA Future! Two teams from our second year are responsible for 4 out of 5 of the shortlists of this years competition (and the last entry on the shortlist is also created by a former student, Charlotte Boysen).

Here are the videos:

‘Night Break’ by Tau Rosenberg and Louise Skafte

‘Moody’ by Tau Rosenberg and Louise Skafte

‘At gøre ingenting’ by Morten Schmidt and Philip Bock

(translation: this is the worlds first Facebook event that invites you to ‘do nothing’.

‘Giv Slip’by Morten Schmidt and Philip Bock

Well done peeps – we are very proud!